Text Box: The books of Russell H. Greenan

The details “grisly”, the people “lunatic”, the results, “magnetic”.


Heart of Gold



The New York Times

©Mar 14 1978 

Christopher Lehmann-Haupt

“What Mr. Greenan does well he does better than ever in ‘Heart of Gold’, the latest in a series of charming gothic tales [...] not only is ‘Heart of Gold’ spectacularly surprising in its plotting; but also it creates an atmosphere that is strong enough to sustain the plot when it is too surprising […] I’ll leave it at this, Mr. Greenan taps the wellsprings of our avarice, our cynicism and our interest in committing the perfect crime. […] In short,  Heart of Gold is a ball, as they used to say. Russell H. Greenan gets better and better.”

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