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The details “grisly”, the people “lunatic”, the results, “magnetic”.

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Heart of Gold


© 1975 Russell H. Greenan


Random House USA/Canada 1975   

Jacket Design: Paul Bacon


ISBN 0-394-49495-4

From Heart of Gold


“You!” he cried shrilly. “You!”

                 In that instant a strange irrational notion took possession of Lenox’s mind. He wanted to throw the pipe away and clasp the injured man in his arms. It was like a mad revelation. He wanted to get on his knees and put a handkerchief to the blood that had begun to ooze from beneath his victim’s grizzled hair. He wanted to comfort him, to assure the frightened old fellow it was all a terrible mistake. Words of apology actually rose to his lips. “I didn’t...I...didn’t want…” he stuttered in confusion.

                 But even while Lenox was experiencing this odd transformation, Cavanaugh grabbed the rim of a garbage can and struggled to his feet. His small mouth opened and from it issued a vociferous lupine howl. For what seemed an eternity to Lenox, the strains of this plangent wail echoed and re-echoed from the surrounding buildings. At once the humane intentions that had burst into flame in the minister’s heart were doused by a tidal wave of apprehension. He looked about wildly. Then, to prevent his parishioner from producing a second such bellow, he jumped out of the doorway and hit him again, this time with greater accuracy than before.

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