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The details “grisly”, the people “lunatic”, the results, “magnetic”.

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Sealed Fate

© 2012 Russell H. Greenan

© 2012 cover art Zoe A.G. Lee

© 2012 Daemonax Books London 

ISBN 978-0-9563860-4-5

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From Sealed Fate: another love story


  “E. Phillips who?” Nola asked, frowning.

  “Oppenheim—a highly successful author of adventure stories in the Twenties and Thirties. My father learned English by reading forty volumes of Oppenheim.  Pop got them from our apartment house superintendent who salvaged them from the dumbwaiter. I doted on them as a kid. But I just couldn’t blend Oppy with Scotty.” I paused to laugh at myself, then asked, “Hey, Nola—suppose he doesn’t open the window?”

  “He will. Sid’s nothing if not predictable,” she said, scrutinizing me with her incredibly blue eyes. “Would you like a drink or something?”

  “No, thanks. It’s a quarter-to-nine.”

  “He won’t surprise us.  I can hear the elevator.  He’ll come through that doorway, throw his jacket on this sofa, wash up in the bathroom off the kitchen and sit down to eat,” she said. “I’m serving him grilled swordfish steak and a baked potato. He likes fish. With that he’ll sip two glasses of Chablis. Shortly before ten, he’ll go upstairs to take a shower and put on his pajamas and robe. You’ll have an hour’s wait.”

  “And he never wanders into your dressing room?”

  “Gosh, no. Never.”

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