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The details “grisly”, the people “lunatic”, the results, “magnetic”.

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Glamour Doom

© 2011 Russell H. Greenan

© 2011 cover art Zoe A.G. Lee

© 2011 Daemonax Books London 

ISBN 978-0-9563860-2-1

From Glamour Doom: a diabolical romance


Nagel lost contact with the brake, and though he probed for the pedal with both feet amid the wreckage beneath the dashboard he could not locate it.  Nor could he manage to reach his hand-brake, because the broken roof post prevented him from bending forward. And while he squirmed and wriggled against this restraint, a strong whiff of gasoline warned the wretched man that at any second his automobile might burst into flame.  Desperate, Nagel twisted the steering wheel. It turned freely, too freely.  From under the hood he heard a few loose, tinny rattles that told him the mechanism no longer functioned.

   INCUMBENTS OUT, INCUMBENTS OUT, INCUMBENTS OUT.  That was all he could now see before him, meaningless words that aggravated his bewilderment. The rest of the world—the part that made sense, the safe part—had zoomed off into another dimension.


A Comedy of Terrors
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