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The details “grisly”, the people “lunatic”, the results, “magnetic”.

It Happened in Boston?

IT HAPPENED IN BOSTON? has been produced as an audiobook for the first time by the Audie award-winning actor/narrator/writer Robert Fass.


“...along came this book, It Happened in Boston? I was probably about 15 when I read it and it just got me. It was so audacious and crazy and challenging and it was so internal. The narrator is an amazing creation.”

Robert Fass interviewed in Tattle



Fass’s ambition to realise IHIB? as an audiobook has resulted in an excellent production that includes the foreword written by Jonathan Lethem for the Modern Library edition in 2003 and the afterword by the author.



Robert Fass is featured in Publishers Weekly sharing his inspiration and experience making the audiobook.


The production is gaining attention from appreciative audiobook connoisseurs including  Audiofile Magazine. ..as it introduces a new audience to the novel’s rare and subtle qualities. Enjoy this compelling review from blogger Jennifer Conner, aka The Literate Housewife. This was followed by another written by Tanya Perez of dogearedcopy.

IT HAPPENED IN BOSTON? is available from the Downpour consumer website and the Blackstone library website:






IT HAPPENED IN BOSTON? is also available as a digital download on Audible.com and Audible.co.uk






Further interviews with Robert Fass and reviews of the audio production are forthcoming.  More general interviews about Fass’s work appear in Audiobook and include references to IHIB?






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